Despite blanking in his last three home games

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“But availability doesn’t always mean accessibility

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Ryan claims, Republicans would allow the simultaneous release

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There’s no subtle way to say this in The Mare That Mounts the World, Daenerys fucks a horse to death. Yeah, that’s the kind of story we’re dealing with here. (I call vaginas “scenes.”) This technique handily avoids answering the question of why Khal Drogo would want making love to his wife to feel like throwing a Dothraki black sausage through the halls of the Grand Sept, and fuck, I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

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He said he expects many Democrats and some Republicans to vote against the arms shipment.Sen. Todd Young (R Ind.) is expected to be among the critical votes. Young exemplifies a more moderate position on the GOP side than Paul and Sen. Mr. Simpson is free to express his point of view, but his hateful rhetoric should not be given a pass and continued platform. Thus, we ask that you disassociate yourself from Mr.

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But maybe it was also just due to his personality

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