The Winehouse family will have final approval over the show

29 de agosto

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canada goose uk outlet At a recent show in Los Angeles, the audience applauded and sang along to hits including “Pretty Woman.” The hologram thanked the audience after the applause, and turned to nod to the live orchestra.Mitch Winehouse said he was impressed after seeing the Orbison hologram, though he wanted to make sure the company behind it, BASE Hologram, could capture his daughter’s style.The Orbison reproduction stands in front of a microphone throughout the show, as he typically did canada goose jacket uk mens when he was alive, while Amy danced and moved around the stage.The Winehouse family will have final approval over the show.To create Canada Goose sale the hologram, BASE will hire an actress to mimic Amy Winehouse’s stage movements and will complete the image with prosthetics and computer generated imagery, according to BASE Hologram Chief Executive Brian Becker. The technology does allow the projection to move across the stage, he said.”We will do the best we can in terms of honoring her legacy,” Becker said. “This is a celebration.”The show will likely last between 75 minutes and 110 minutes, Becker said.Mitch Winehouse acknowledged it may be difficult canada goose factory outlet for him to watch the hologram, but said he believed his daughter would approve, particularly because it will help her namesake charity.”Her legacy is not just about music now,” he said. canada goose uk outlet

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