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Key point is that a jury is supposed to be as objective as possible. They supposed to make their decision strictly on the evidence provided to them. There concern when there appears to be some attempt at what called jury shopping. Please report any instances of excessive username pinging./r/Qult_headquarters (new!): Here we chronicle the 4D chess of our favorite Deep State 4channer, Q Anon./r/vaxxhappened: 100% True Stories from the Anti vaxx Crowd./r/PanicHistory: Predictions of impending doom, and commentary on life in the American police state./r/actualconspiracies: Real conspiracies. The kind supported by substantive evidence from reputable sources./r/skeptic: Promoting a rational and evidence based approach to. Well, everything./r/nothingeverhappens: The internet is full of cynics and contrarians finding a conspiracy at every corner./r/DataConspiratardsHate: All the data conspiracy theorists don want to look at./r/TheTopMinds: Top Minds from around the world./r/stormtroofers: Showcasing conspiracy nuts from all over the internet./r/ConspiracyII: A conspiracy subreddit without the idiotic moderators found in that other subreddit..

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