He recently visited Syria and warns the Syrian government will

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uk canada goose Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi to lament, canada goose black friday sale “I believe that if the (Syrian) crisis is not solved in a right way, there will be the danger of Somalization, ” reported AP. “It will mean the fall of the state, rise of war canada goose outlet uk lords and militias.” Somalia hasn’t had a full central government since 1991, notes the BBC.The same fear is echoed by Nobel peace prize winner Jose Ramos Horta, who helped bring independence to his home, East canada goose outlet reviews Timor. He recently visited Syria and warns the Syrian government will fight simply for the survival of President Bashar Assad; he alleges the Syrian rebels are not democratic, according to Al Arabiya.British prime minister David Cameron floated a trial balloon today, suggesting the fighting could end more quickly if Syrian president Assad canada goose outlet store could safely leave the country, according to Al Arabiya:”Anything, anything, to get that man out of canada goose factory outlet the country and to have a safe transition in Syria. uk canada goose

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