Flies somewhat under the radar as possibly the best left

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I only on week 2 myself but I fortunate enough to have had an easy recovery thus far. I had my laparoscopic VSG on 4/21/17. Surgery was around 11 AM on a Friday. Because of course he was, because he fragile as fuck.Perine through week 4 (OL completely healthy) and through week 11 (OL mostly healthy) didn sniff 4.2 ypc across those weeks.Managed 2 100 yard games though. Where Fat Rob at?The case for fat rob is that he can run behind a variety of blocking stylesHe runs like shit behind a variety of blocking styles. Your fetish for Fat Rob is even funnier than your insistence that Ryan Anderson was much better through trafficWhen Samaje Perine runs behind a healthy line, we will see.

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