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Pretty conventional stuff. In fact, by almost every other metric, Bowman is a typical Midwestern small town, with few other (if any) visually distinct structures beyond this dome. And the dome doesn’t really assert itself: tucked in the middle of a block on an exclusively residential street, it only catches attention because the physical form is so different.

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Currently tapering for my first marathon on the 20th (HOLY SHIT GUYS IT IS SO SOON). But I also part of this FB group for local trail runners, and just got the deal of a frigging lifetime! Someone offered to transfer their trail half marathon 6 pack for $100 since they can run it for one reason or another, and the transfer just got confirmed and I am so stoked! I love trail running, but I had to take a break from it for this training cycle since my marathon is all road. I really enjoy the half marathon distance, and now I get to do 6 of them before the end of the year.

Hence he was up at 4:00 AM shaving. Just like you might have to get up early to pick up your friend from the airport.I do also suspect that a member of the A Team was picked for his prior experience as a drug cop in the Yolo sheriff office. He may have arranged the details of her reappearance and perhaps even smoothed the way with a little of that GFM$ or perhaps some family reward money.All speculation on my part, but the simplest explanation is that she was in the Woodland/Yolo area the whole time as she did come forth with the fact that they drove her 2.5 hours that first day and she reappeared down there and they didn kill her as they would have if they had thought she would have id them as her violent abductors.

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These compounds a variety of dangerous acute and chronic adverse effects with a greater severity and frequency than observed following marijuana use, the researchers wrote in their review, which was published Feb. 2 in the journal Trends in Pharmacological Sciences. Therefore, products are clearly not safe marijuana alternatives, the researchers said.

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