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Continuing to wish that our actions or words had been different means we’re really not in the present but are living in what could have been or what might have been or if only. If the past is too painful or even too boring then we switch over to the future, that place of infinite potential that we want to believe could be real, like wishful thinking or a daydream. We live in what might be or what could be..

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wholesale replica designer handbags I agree wholeheartedly with Sam that religious ideology high end replica bags and a ‘God’ that provides the source for such ideology is and has good quality replica bags proven detrimental to society and that we must begin to investigate how and why it has high replica bags remained so long in the face of such pain. However, when an individual is asked to ‘let go’ of a belief, particularly one in which they were steeped in throughout life, we need also ask, is there something substantive enough to replace it? Throughout history, replica designer backpacks we see that scientific discoveries change belief systems by replacing them with more viable alternatives replica bags china in light of new emerging data. Yet, the experience many people feel when they are in relationship with God, has not had sufficient data of a similar nature, to persuade or convince them that there is an alternative to a belief in ‘God’ buy replica bags online that will yield such an experience wholesale replica designer handbags.